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Sonny & Rein

Monogram Mug

Monogram Mug

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With its eye-catching display and unique design, the Monogram Mugs collection is the ultimate gift idea for anyone with a name from A to Z. Inspired by a vintage look with a slash of art deco, these mugs feature exquisite gold foil detailing and come in a fun, printed gift box to commemorate any special occasion. The Starter Pack includes a complete solution to showcase the products together in a Floor Display Unit.


    • Includes letter options from A-Z!
    • Tried-and-tested top seller!!
    • Includes exquisite gold detailing and custom gift box!

    Product Information:

      • Size: 12 x 8.5 x 9cm
      • Details: Vintage-inspired ceramic mug with gold foil detailing that features letter of the alphabet
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